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Studies on the Reactivity of the Mesenchyma of the Paranasal Sinuses


Publish Date: 1959/07/01
Volume: 70, Issue:1, Pages: 65-68
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Introduction  During the period when the attention of laryngologists was chiefly focused on problems related to the structure and function of the epithelium of the mucous membrane, Schade3 had already published his physicochemical works. He stressed the significance of the connective tissue layer and the importance of its relation to the cell. However, in our branch of medicine, his reasearch on the antagonisms in swelling between the basal substance and the collagen fiber, on the one hand, and between the cell and the connective tissue as a whole, on the other, has not met with the recognition it deserved. The same applies to his studies on the physiological cycle of mesenchyma transformations and on the change in mesenchyma reactivity connected with those phenomena. A greater interest in this matter was awakened by later experiments of other authors investigating the hyaluronic acid-hyaluronidase system (Duran Reynals, 1928; Kulonen, 19515; Zabłocki,



citation_author=Zablocki , B.; citation_book=Badania nad ukladem hialuronidaza kwas hialuronowy, Lódz, P.W.N., citation_year=1955;

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