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Changes in Lipid Metabolism under Stress

Authors: H. C. Meng,

Publish Date: 1972
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 66-80
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“Stress” can be broadly defined as strain or alarm that a person may experience. There are many conditions and agents which are capable of initiating “stress”. Starvation, trauma, infection, shock, hemorrhage, disease, extreme changes of environmental temperature, anoxia, and certain drugs are all considered as stressors. Animals and human beings respond to stress with certain metabolic changes. The extent of these changes depends on the severity and time of exposure to stress. This review concerns only the effects of starvation, infection and trauma on changes in lipid metabolism. I shall emphasize Trauma in this presentation which is divided into 4 parts: 1. What are the changes in lipid metabolism? 2. What are the possible mechanisms of these changes ? 3. Are these changes physiological or pathological? 4. Should attempts be made to modify these changes and to reduce fatty acid mobilization ?



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