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Krinkle Finger Syndrome

Authors: Howard S. Yaffee,

Publish Date: 1975/02/01
Volume: 111, Issue:2, Pages: 266-266
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To the Editor.—  I have recently encountered an unusual reaction to treatment with betamethasone benzoate gel (Benisone Gel) that may be worth noting.A 29-year-old package dealer had a dermatitis of the right hand that appeared as small, discrete vesicles on the sides of the fingers and the dorsal surfaces, but spared the palmar aspect (Figure). The eruption occurred two days after the patient had worked in the garden pulling up weeds with the affected hand.Past history disclosed that 15 years ago, after working on his mother's lawn, the patient had developed a vesicular eruption over the hands and face. He notes itching and conjunctivitis when cutting grass at present, but no dermatitis. Until five years ago, he took pills during August for hay fever.Believing that this was a probable contact dermatitis, I prescribed a .025% betamethasone benzoate gel preparation to be used six times daily, with 4



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