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Nuclear structure inferred from heavy ion coulomb excitation

Authors: Douglas Cline,

Publish Date: 1976
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 39-55
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Even though the field of Coulomb excitation is 1/4 century old, it is only now being exploited to the fullest extent using the heavy-ion beams available from the newest accelerators. The examples I have shown demonstrate that multiple Coulomb excitation is a powerful probe of collective behaviour in low-lying nuclear states.The phenomenological rigid rotor collective model is in excellent agreement with the data I have shown for strongly deformed nuclei. These data illustrate nicely that the unusual behaviour seen at high spin is just a consequence of Coriolis effects predicted to occur by this model. In contrast the results for the shape transitional nuclei are most surprising. Whereas we would expect the geometrical collective model to fail near to the shell closure we find quite the opposite. The E2 matrix elements are correlated by the simplest rigid triaxial rotor model, i.e. a model few people believe to be correct. This result is completely contrary to our current understanding of the structure of shape transitional nuclei. Clearly this surprising result warrants further experimental and theoretical investigation.



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