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Burns as a Manifestation of Child Abuse and Neglect

Authors: Catherine Ayoub, Donald Pfeifer,

Publish Date: 1979/09/01
Volume: 133, Issue:9, Pages: 910-914
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• A multidisciplinary child abuse team investigated children with burns admitted to a general hospital in Tulsa, Okla. Of the 26 burn cases investigated, 14 were found to be accidental, seven accidental with extreme degrees of neglect, and five nonaccidental burns. There are correlations between physical findings and social characteristics, which may aid in the identification and disposition of children with burns. A multiplicity of injuries suggests that nonaccidental burns are not spontaneous abuse, but a planned form of aggression. The high mortality of the abused group indicates the seriousness and severity of nonaccidental injuries. This experience has also shown that nonaccidental burns in children demand a thorough investigation of medical, social, and emotional factors.



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