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Observations of atmospheric downward radiation in the Tokyo area

Authors: Masaru Aida, Masataka Yaji,

Publish Date: 1979/12/01
Volume: 16, Issue:4, Pages: 453-465
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The size and variation of the urban increase of atmospheric downward radiation have been observed in the Tokyo area. Downward radiation flux, air temperature and humidity were observed by automobile traverses along the expressways across the greater Tokyo area from the Kanagawa (southwest) to the Chiba (east) sides. The observations were carried out on clear and rather calm nights in the winters of 1975–1978. The results show that Tokyo receives increased downward radiation in comparison with the amount received in the surrounding rural areas. The area of increased downward flux extends about 40 km at its widest along the observation route when the winds are weak, and the rural-urban increase of downward radiation becomes about 8% on the Kanagawa side and about 10% on the Chiba side. The area of increased downward flux is close to that of the urban heat island, where an urban decrease of water vapour content is also observed.The present analysis shows that the large urban increase of radiation flux is due to the difference between the vertical temperature profiles over the urban and rural regions. The development of a surface temperature inversion over the rural area and the urban decrease in water vapour content provide a rather smaller rural-urban difference in downward radiation compared with the development of a heat island.



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