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The Cap Structure of Eukaryotic Messenger RNA and its Interaction with Cap-binding Protein

Authors: R. E. Rhoads,

Publish Date: 1985
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 104-155
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This article is a review of what is known about the 7-methylguanosine-containing “cap” structure of eukaryotic messenger RNA and its participation in the initiation of protein synthesis. Particular attention will be paid to the protein which is thought to mediate the entry of mRNA into the cycle of protein synthesis by recognizing the cap structure, termed cap-binding protein (CBP). Previous review articles dealing with this or related topics include those of Shatkin (1976), Banerjee (1980), Ehrenfeld (1982), Penman (1982) and Nielsen et al. (1983). The primary focus of this review will be translational events. Topics which will not be treated include biosynthesis of caps (Rottman 1978; Banerjee 1980), the role of the cap structure in stabilization of mRNA against degradation (Shimotohno et al. 1977; Furuichi et al. 1977), and the CBP which is involved in initiation of transcription of influenza virus (Blaas et al. 1982).



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