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The effects of self-modeling on cigarette smoking behavior

Authors: J. Owusu-Bempah, D. Howitt,

Publish Date: 1985/06/01
Volume: 4, Issue:2, Pages: 133-142
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Two studies of self-modeling are described. Study 1 investigated whether self-modeling would inhibit cigarette smoking behavior. Fourteen cigarette smokers (four males and 10 females) served as subjects for a repeated-measures design. In the self-modeling condition, the subjects watched themselves on a television monitor while smoking; in the control condition, they watched a short cartoon film on the same monitor, also while smoking. The following were measured: (1) the amount of tobacco consumed, (2) the amount of time lit cigarettes were in contact with the subjects’ lips, and (3) the subjects’ physiological responses (GSRs). Study 2 investigated the role of cognitive factors in self-modeling. It followed much the same self-modeling procedures as Study 1. However, unlike Study 1, it incorporated a manipulated cognitive variable: attitudes toward cigarette smoking. Self-modeling reduced the amount of smoking relative to the control condition in Study 1. In Study 2 it was found that cognitive factors influenced the amount of smoking. Smoking increased in subjects supplied with information favorable to smoking, whereas it decreased in those supplied with information unfavorable to smoking. These findings and additional research on the efficacy of self-modeling relative to other procedures suggest the importance of cognitive factors in self-modeling.



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