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Development of a Model to Predict the Potential Accuracy of Vessel Blood Flow Measurements from Dynamic Angiographic Recordings

Authors: D. J. Hawkes, A. C. F. Colchester, J. N. H. Brunt, D. A. G. Wicks, G. H. Du Boulay, A. Wallis,

Publish Date: 1988
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 469-478
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The development of a computer model is described which will predict the concentration of contrast media (CM) in a blood vessel after the injection of CM and hence predict the angiographic appearances of the vessel. This model is used to calculate parametric images of CM concentration versus time and distance along the vessel for a wide range of experimental parameters. Blood velocity estimates are derived from these images at many points, both along the vessel and over the cardiac cycle. The model will be used to investigate the correct strategy for the injection of CM and to predict the precision of the resulting flow estimates.



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