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Chemical bonding across the periodic table

Authors: Nicolaos D. Epiotis,

Publish Date: 1989
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 47-166
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The mechanism of bond-making. Nonmetals bind primarily by spin-pairing plus one-electron delocalization due to overlap while metals bind mainly by two-electron delocalization in which overlap is assisted by an overlap-independent mechamism of bonding.The recognition that the mode of electron delocation depends on the identity of an atom sets up the stage for a differentiation between structural and reactivity properties expected from organic and inorganic molecules. This point is illustrated by diverse applications and reference to existing experimental and computational data. The article itself can be viewed as a first step towards a reexamination of solid state physics phenomena (most notably conductivity and superconductivity) from a chemist’s vantage point after it has been demonstrated that a self-consistent, qualitative understanding of molecular electronics across the Periodic Table is now at hand.



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