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Springer, New York, NY

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Authors: Leif B. Sorensen,

Publish Date: 1990
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 184-211
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By all demographic projections, the population 65 years of age and older will increase rapidly in absolute and relative numbers through the year 2020 and beyond. Although in the future the majority of older individuals will be healthy and able to function independently, a significant fraction will develop chronic health problems varying in degree from relatively minor difficulties to severe disabilities. Chronic diseases, and among those arthritis, will contribute prominently to disability. In a survey conducted in 1984 by the National Center for Health Statistics, arthritis ranked first among the 10 most prevalent chronic health problems, with a prevalence of 473 per 1,000 individuals 65 years and older and 495 per 1,000 individuals age 75 and above.



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