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Role of viruses in plant biotechnology

Authors: M. J. Foxe,

Publish Date: 1991
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 87-94
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The development of biotechnology in agriculture is seen to be a major initiative which will enhance the growth of crops and will also provide significant commercial development for companies supplying new products derived from Biotechnology. One particular area in which biotechnology is and will continue to make a significant impact, is in diagnosis and control of plant diseases. Currently plant disease caused by viruses accounts for in excess of $2 billion losses per year in the U.S. Since viruses are not amenable to direct chemical control it is important that other methods can be developed which will result in significant reduction in the impact of viruses on crop productivity. New biotechnological approaches are addressing this issue of virus diseases and are providing new and novel methods for their control through (1) the development and utilisation of rapid diagnostic tests based on immunology and on molecular probes and (2) the development of novel resistance mechanisms in plants utilising properties of the viral genome.



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