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The Autonomic Nervous System: An Introduction to Basic and Clinical Concepts

Authors: Robert J. Schwartzman,

Publish Date: 1992/04/01
Volume: 49, Issue:4, Pages: 341-341
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The Autonomic Nervous System is a superb compilation of a massive amount of detailed information on the autonomic nervous system that is pertinent for all students of the subject. The basic anatomy and physiology of the autonomic reflexes that control respiration, the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system, and the neurogenic control of micturition and the pupil are particularly well done. The central nervous system control of visceral function through cortical and hypothalamic pathways is clearly outlined. The chapters on circadian rhythms, the pineal gland, and autonomic function in paraplegia and tetraplegia contain a great deal of useful clinical information.The author, wherever possible, introduces the latest physiologic and neurochemical data to explain clinical phenomena. The interaction between neuropeptides and catecholamines at many levels of the neuraxis is detailed. The chapters are cohesive and uniform. The clinical expertise of the author is evident throughout the book. The entire work is replete with



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