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A Perspective on the High Resistance to Coarsening and Durability of Silicide Dispersions in RSPM Al-Fe-V-Si Alloys

Authors: D. M. J. Wilkes, H. Jones,

Publish Date: 1995
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 157-171
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While the phase is stable at the highest expected service temperatures, there is a transformation temperature well below the melting point of the alloy. No transformation of the a phase was observed after 6 months at 425°C but 100h at 540°C resulted in significant formation of Al13Fe4 throughout the material.The low coarsening rate reported for the α phase in these alloys was corroborated by measurements at 425°C, but it is higher than predicted by theory because of enhanced diffusion through the substructure. This is supported by the activation energy for coarsening, determined to be 195±15 kJmol-1, which is significantly less than would be expected for volume diffusion or interface controlled coarsening.The relatively poor performance of other Al-Fe base alloys is attributed to their mixed, non spherical phases which are not resistant to transformation. Measurement of coarsening in these alloys is difficult and is dominated by large particles at grain boundaries.



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