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Abbravation: American Journal of Hypertension

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Authors: Fragachán, F., Chuki, EM., Peña, E., López, J:M., Reyes, MJ.,

Publish Date: 1995/04/01
Volume: 8, Issue:4_Pt_2, Pages: 150A-150A
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Twenty years ago begining funtions the Arterial Hypertension Unit (UHA) suddespite environment conditions (finance, institutionals, scientifics), we has been ables to get over and to put on place and we can to talk with ownership in scientific world. Our results: around 50.000 patients evaluated which 10.000 has been share on clinical research in more 100 works, reference center in guidelines about hypertension (HA) management in our country and overseas, support in teach programs to pre and posraduates in medical schools, to create the first postgradute residence in clinical research for (HA) in Venezuela and Latinamerica, development a diverse team for better evaluation of HA patient and adequate prevention to health subject. Members: Physicians with training postgraduate and skills in basic sciences. Works in develop: Endothelium, endothelial cells, nitric oxide, endothelins, dismutase superoxide) and HA, Leucocyte activation...



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