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Persistent Vegetative State in Alzheimer Disease: Does It Exist?

Authors: Ladislav Volicer, Stephen A. Berman, Patsy B. Cipolloni, Alan Mandell,

Publish Date: 1997/11/01
Volume: 54, Issue:11, Pages: 1382-1384
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Design and Methods:  Eighty-eight institutionalized patients with a diagnosis of possible or probable Alzheimer disease were evaluated for the presence of persistent vegetative state. Initial screening excluded patients who were able to do any of the following: feed themselves, respond to command, walk, or maintain continence of bowel and bladder. A sample of 12 of 28 patients unable to perform any of these functions was examined independently by 3 of us.Results:  During the first examination, 2 patients were diagnosed as being in a vegetative state by 2 of us and 3 additional patients by 1 of us. One of us did not diagnose any patient as being in a vegetative state. A second evaluation of the same patients was performed 2 months later, after holding a consensus meeting to standardize the evaluation procedure. During the second evaluation, the vegetative state was diagnosed in 6 patients but only by 1 of us.



citation_title=Effect of antibiotic treatment on outcome of fevers in institutionalized Alzheimer patients; citation_author=Fabiszewski KJ, Volicer B, Volicer L;JAMA; citation_year=1990; citation_volume=263; citation_pages=3168-3172;

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