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Mapping genes affecting flowering time and frost resistance on chromosome 5B of wheat

Authors: B. Tóth, G. Galiba, E. Fehér, J. Sutka, J. W. Snape,

Publish Date: 2003/05/07
Volume: 107, Issue:3, Pages: 509-514
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Two populations of single chromosome recombinant lines were used to map genes controlling flowering time on chromosome 5B of wheat, and one of the populations was also used to map a new frost resistance gene. Genetic maps were developed, mainly using microsatellite markers, and QTL analysis was applied to phenotypic data on the performance of each population collected from growth-room tests of flowering time and frost tolerance. Using a recombinant substitution-line mapping population derived from a cross between the substitution-line 'Chinese Spring' ('Cheyenne' 5B) and 'Chinese Spring' (CS), the gene Vrn-B1, affecting vernalization response, an earliness per se locus, Eps-5BL1, and a gene, Fr-B1, affecting frost resistance, were mapped. Using a 'Hobbit Sib' ('Chinese Spring' 5BL) × 'Hobbit Sib' recombinant substitution line mapping population, an earliness per se locus, Eps-5BL2 was mapped. The Vrn-B1 locus was mapped on the distal portion of the long arm of chromosome 5B, to a region syntenous with the segments of chromosomes 5A and 5D containing Vrn-A1 and Vrn-D1 loci, respectively. The two Eps-5BL loci were mapped close to the centromere with a 16-cM distance from each other, one in agreement with the position of a homoeologous locus previously mapped on chromosome 5H of barley, and suggested by the response of 'Chinese Spring' deletion lines. The Fr-B1 gene was mapped on the long arm of chromosome 5B, 40 cM from the centromeric marker. Previous comparative mapping data with rice chromosome 9 would suggest that this gene could be orthologous to the other Fr genes mapped previously by us on chromosomes 5A or 5D of wheat, although in a more proximal position. This study completes the mapping of these homoeoallelic series of vernalization requirement genes and frost resistance genes on the chromosomes of the homoeologous group 5 in wheat.We especially thank L. Fish for her help in the flowering time experiments and V. Verma for his technical advice. This work was carried out using a Marie Curie Training Site Fellowship (HPMT-CT-2000-00033). This research was also supported by grants from the Hungarian National Research Found (Nos. T034277 and T030027); from the National Comittee for Technological Development 'Biotechnology 2000' (No. 02579/2000), and the UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.



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