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Preparation of polymer particles having ethyleneurea groups at their surfaces by emulsifier-free seeded emulsion polymerization and wet adhesion of its emulsion film

Authors: Masayoshi Okubo, Yasuyuki Kagawa, Mitsuo Matsuda, Akinori Terada,

Publish Date: 2003/09/16
Volume: 282, Issue:1, Pages: 88-91
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Polymer emulsion having ethyleneurea groups at particle surfaces was produced by emulsifier-free seeded emulsion copolymerization of n-butyl methacrylate (BMA) and methacrylamide ethylethyleneurea (EU) with poly(BMA) seed particles utilizing the starved-fed monomer addition method. This emulsion film, prepared by casting the polymer emulsion on an alkyd resin plate, had a superior adhesion in water, as well as on stainless steel. Such superior wet adhesions seem to be based on a large amount of EU predominantly localized at the particle surfaces.



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