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Title of Journal: Theor. Appl. Climatol.

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Abbravation: Theoretical and Applied Climatology

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Investigation of temporal-spatial parameters of an urban heat island on the basis of passive microwave remote sensing

Authors: M. N. Khaikine, I. N. Kuznetsova, E. N. Kadygrov, E. A. Miller,

Publish Date: 2005/09/26
Volume: 84, Issue:1-3, Pages: 161-169
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Quantitative measurements of the impact of an urban environment on the thermal state of the atmospheric boundary layer are presented. Temperature profiles up to the height of 600 m were obtained in a continuous series of measurements by three microwave profilers MTP-5 located in different areas of Moscow. The influence of this large city on urban heat island (UHI) parameters was estimated on occasions with stationary atmospheric processes and during cases with frontal passage. Two types of UHI were identified: one with a dome of urban warmth at all levels, and another with a low warm dome in combination with a lens of cold air above.



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