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Experimental study of transient forced convection heat transfer from simulated electronic chips

Authors: H. Bhowmik, K. W. Tou,

Publish Date: 2005/03/11
Volume: 41, Issue:7, Pages: 599-605
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Experiments are performed to study the single-phase transient forced convection heat transfer on an array of four in-line, flush-mounted simulated electronic chips in a vertical rectangular channel. Water is the coolant media and the flow covers the wide range of laminar flow regime with Reynolds number, based on heat source length, from 800 to 2,625. The heat flux ranges from 1 W/cm2 to 7 W/cm2. The heat transfer characteristics are studied and correlations are presented. The transient correlation for overall data recommended is Nuℓ= 0.945(Peℓ 1/3) Fo−1/2.



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