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The Effects of Increasing Neutral Distraction on Sexual Responding of Women With and Without Sexual Problems

Authors: Elske Salemink, Jacques J. D. M. van Lankveld,

Publish Date: 2006/04/26
Volume: 35, Issue:2, Pages: 175-186
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This study examined the influence of distraction on genital and subjective sexual responses of women with (N=20) and without (N=21) sexual problems. Female-produced erotic film fragments were presented to induce sexual response and a vaginal photoplethysmograph was used to measure genital sexual responding. Subjective sexual arousal was assessed in real time using a rotating button and, retrospectively, with visual analogue scales. Distraction load was manipulated through different verbal instructions on how to deal with pairs of digits. The results revealed an equally strong impeding effect of distraction on genital sexual responses and on subjective sexual responses when these were measured retrospectively in women with and without sexual problems. However, distraction did not affect subjective sexual responses when these were measured in real time. The implications of the finding that distraction equally affects women with and without sexual problems are discussed.



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