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Title of Journal: Acta Mech. Solida Sin.

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Abbravation: Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica

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Design optimization for truss structures under elasto-plastic loading condition

Authors: Tao Liu, Ziehen Deng,

Publish Date: 2006/09/01
Volume: 19, Issue:3, Pages: 264-274
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In this paper, a method for the design optimization of elasto-plastic truss structures is proposed based on parametric variational principles (PVPs). The optimization aims to find the minimum weight/volume solution under the constraints of allowable node displacements. The design optimization is a formulation of mathematical programming with equilibrium constraints (MPECs). To overcome the numerical difficulties of the complementary constraints in optimization, an iteration process, comprising a quadratic programming (QP) and an updating process, is employed as the optimization method. Furthermore, the elasto-plastic buckling of truss members is considered as a constraint in design optimization. A combinational optimization strategy is proposed for the displacement constraints and the buckling constraint, which comprises the method mentioned above and an optimal criterion. Three numerical examples are presented to show the validity of the methods proposed.Project supported by the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China (Nos. 10372084 and 10572119), the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (No. NCET-04-0958), the Open Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis of Industrial Equipment and the Doctorate Foundation of Northwestern Polytechnical University.



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