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Abbravation: Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics

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Springer Netherlands

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Does an Appeal to the Common Good Justify Individual Sacrifices for Genomic Research?

Authors: Rogeer Hoedemaekers, Bert Gordijn, Martien Pijnenburg,

Publish Date: 2006/10/17
Volume: 27, Issue:5, Pages: 415-
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In genomic research the ideal standard of free, informed, prior, and explicit consent is believed to restrict important research studies. For certain types of genomic research other forms of consent are therefore proposed which are ethically justified by an appeal to the common good. This notion is often used in a general sense and this forms a weak basis for the use of weaker forms of consent. Here we examine how the notion of the common good can be related to individual health, health care, and genomic research and we use this analysis to propose more precise criteria to justify forms of consent which diverge from the ideal standard.



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