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History of Bundling, Henry Reed Stiles

Authors: Colette Wanless-Sobel,

Publish Date: 2006/11/16
Volume: 35, Issue:6, Pages: 753-756
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The history of sexuality in colonial and early republican America (1585–1800) presents unusual opportunities and challenges for scholars. Until recently, the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries have remained a relatively underworked segment of the history of sexuality field, being outdistanced with 19th century studies. When not engaging in the national mythography of colonial America and its virtuous republican forbearers, one tendency of historians has been to assume early Americans had sexual activity about as much as people today, even if they spoke differently—or not at all—about it. Depending on one's perspective, this can be a conceptually dangerous and ahistorical view, or it can be one of considerable conceptual sophistication, suggesting differing perceptions and practices of private and the public life and discretionary codes.



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