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High Sensitivity Differential Scanning Calorimetry Study of DNA-Cationic Liposome Complexes

Authors: Mark Saunders, Kevin M. G. Taylor, Duncan Q. M. Craig, Karen Palin, Hazel Robson,

Publish Date: 2007/06/06
Volume: 24, Issue:10, Pages: 1954-1961
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Large unilamellar liposomes of EDMPC with DOPE (mol ratio 0–50%) were prepared. Plasmid DNA was added to give a final DNA/lipid (−/+) charge ratio of 0.5. Samples were placed into an HSDSC and cooled to 3°C, held isothermally for 30 min and then the temperature was ramped to 120°C at a rate of 1°C/min.On heating EDMPC liposomes, the main phase transition occurred at 21.2°C, with a low temperature shoulder on the endothermic peak. At low DOPE concentrations the main phase transition temperatures and enthalpies of transition were lower than for pure EDMPC, with a peak corresponding to a pure EDMPC phase occurring at DOPE concentrations of 12–17 mol%. At 50 mol%, no main transition endotherm was observed. DNA solution produced two endothermic peaks with numerous ‘satellite’ peaks indicating thermal denaturation. DNA binding to EDMPC changed the shape of the thermogram, indicating alteration in lipid packing within the bilayer. DNA induced demixing in the bilayers of DOPE-containing liposomes.



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