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A self-healing technique using reusable component-level operation knowledge

Authors: Teruyoshi Zenmyo, Hideki Yoshida, Tetsuro Kimura,

Publish Date: 2007/06/21
Volume: 10, Issue:4, Pages: 385-394
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Although autonomic computing reduces traditional operational cost, it introduces another cost factor related to operation knowledge. This paper focuses on self-healing functionality and proposes a technique which uses reusable component-level operation knowledge. To achieve reusability, the operation knowledge used by the proposed technique excludes system specific information. Such knowledge becomes independent of a specific system structure, and therefore, self-healing systems can share the operation knowledge across organizations and can adapt to changes. A problem on achieving reusability by excluding system specific information is treatment of dependency among components. To cope with this problem, a dependency injection mechanism is introduced. The dependency injection mechanism works out needed recovery actions by relating component-level operation knowledge and system-specific information. Furthermore, this paper describes an implemented prototype together with an application example.



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