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Efficacy of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in a congenital heart surgery program

Authors: Jörg S. Sachweh, Andreas R. Tiete, Alexandra Fuchs, Ulrich Römer, Reiner Kozlik-Feldmann, Bruno Reichart, Sabine H. Däbritz,

Publish Date: 2007/01/22
Volume: 96, Issue:4, Pages: 204-210
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Since 12/1996, 24 patients (8 newborns, 9 infants, 3 children, 4 adolescents/ adults 17–23 years), mean age 4.0±7.4 years (2 days–23 years), body weight 2.7–87 kg had ECMO as circulatory support. Indication was failure to wean from cardiopulmonary bypass in the majority of cases.Mean duration of support was 3.8±2.9 d (12 h–13 d). Fourteen patients were weaned from ECMO (9 discharged), three successfully transplanted (one after switching to a pulsatile assist device). One patient on left-ventricular support required ECMO for sudden rightventricular failure (decreased). There were six deaths on ECMO due to multiorgan failure (MOV) (3) or no myocardial recovery (3). Six patients died after weaning (3 MOV, 2 myocardial failure, 1 fungal sepsis). Overall, twelve patients (50%) were discharged and are clinically well after 3.4±2.4 years (0.8–7.2 years).



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