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Analysis and Comparative Study of Source Separation Performances in Feed-Forward and Feed-Back BSSs Based on Propagation Delays in Convolutive Mixture

Authors: Akihide Horita, Kenji Nakayama, Akihiro Hirano,

Publish Date: 2007/9/9
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 169-179
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Feed-Forward (FF-) and Feed-Back (FB-) structures have been proposed for Blind Source Separation (BSS). The FF-BSS systems have some degrees of freedom in the solution space, and signal distortion is likely to occur in convolutive mixtures. On the other hand, the FB-BSS structure does not cause signal distortion. However, it requires a condition on the propagation delays in the mixing process. In this paper, source separation performance in the FB-BSS is theoretically analyzed taking the propagation delays into account. Simulation is carried out by using white signals and speech signals as the signal sources. The FF-BSS system and the FB-BSS system are compared. Even though the FB-BSS can provide good separation performance, there exits some limitation on location of the signal sources and the sensors.



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