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Abbravation: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

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Application of multivariate statistical techniques in the assessment of surface water quality in Uluabat Lake, Turkey

Authors: Cansu Filik Iscen, Özgür Emiroglu, Semra Ilhan, Naime Arslan, Veysel Yilmaz, Seyhan Ahiska,

Publish Date: 2007/10/11
Volume: 144, Issue:1-3, Pages: 269-276
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The application of different multivariate statistical approaches for the interpretation of a complex data matrix obtained during the period 2004–2005 from Uluabat Lake surface water is presented in this study. The dataset consists of the analytical results of a 1 year-survey conducted in 12 sampling stations in the Lake. Twelve parameters (T, pH, DO, \({\text{PO}}^{{ - 3}}_{4} - {\text{P}}\), NH4–N, NO2–N, NO3–N, \({\text{SO}}^{{3 - }}_{4} \), BOD, COD, TC, FC) were monitored in the sampling sites on a monthly basis (except December 2004, January and February 2005, a total of 1,296 observations). The dataset was treated using cluster analysis, principle component analysis and factor analysis on principle components. Cluster analysis revealed two different groups of similarities between the sampling sites, reflecting different physicochemical properties and pollution levels in the studied water system. Three latent factors were identified as responsible for the data structure, explaining 77.35% of total variance in the dataset. The first factor called the microbiological factor explained 32.34% of the total variance. The second factor named the organic-nutrient factors explained 25.46% and the third factor called physicochemical factors explained 19.54% of the variances, respectively.



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