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Abbravation: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology

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Attempted suicide and associated risk factors among youth in urban Japan

Authors: Yasuharu Hidaka, Don Operario, Mie Takenaka, Sachiko Omori, Seiichi Ichikawa, Takuma Shirasaka,

Publish Date: 2008/05/16
Volume: 43, Issue:9, Pages: 752-757
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Suicide is a major social and health issue in Japan. We assessed prevalence of attempted suicide and explored individual, interpersonal, behavioral, and psychological risk factors associated with attempted suicide in a general community sample of youth in a metropolitan Japanese city.Overall, 6% of males and 11% of females reported a prior suicide attempt. For males, attempted suicide was independently associated with experience of school bullying, being homosexual or bisexual, history of drug use, experience of unwanted sex, history of a diagnosed sexually transmitted infection, and low self-esteem. For females, attempted suicide was independently associated with being younger (ages 15–19 compared to 20–24), experience of school bullying, history of drug use, and history of smoking.



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