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The Seed Dispersal Niche of Gibbons in Bornean Dipterocarp Forests

Authors: Kim R. McConkey,

Publish Date: 2009
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 189-207
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Most tropical rain forest plants are adapted to have their seeds dispersed by animals (Richards 1996). A profusion of birds, mammals, insects, and occasionally reptiles and amphibians consume fruits, but they differ in their ranging behavior, ability to manipulate seeds, and, hence, their seed dispersal effectiveness (van der Pijl 1982; Corlett 1998). It was assumed for many years that effective seed dispersers had close coevolutionary relationships with their selected fruit species (McKey 1980), but more recent research indicates that coevolution has generally been on a diffuse scale – between suites of dispersers and fruits (Herrera 1985). The development of close relationships are hindered by the diversity of frugivores that feed on most plant species [only rarely is a plant species dispersed by a single species (e.g., Cochrane 2003)] and by inconsistencies in frugivore foraging over time or space (Chapman and Chapman 2002), or even within a single fruiting season of a...I thank the Ministry of Forestry and LIPI in Indonesia for their permission to conduct the research at the Barito Ulu Site. Logistical support in the field was provided by R. Ridgeway (Project Barito Ulu), D.J. Chivers, Nurdin, Mulyadi, Kursani, Suriantata, and Arbadi. Financial assistance in the field was provided by the New Zealand Federation of University Women, New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta, Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, Leakey Foundation, Selwyn College, Cambridge University Board of Graduate Studies, Primate Conservation Inc. and Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund of the Roger Williams Park Zoo and Rhode Island Zoological Society. The manuscript was improved by comments from W. Y. Brockelman, D.J. Chivers, C. Wongsriphuek, J. Vayro, D. Whittaker, and S. Lappan.



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