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Abbravation: Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy

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In vitro analysis of patellar kinematics: validation of an opto-electronic cinematic analysis protocol

Authors: Remi Philippot, Julien Chouteau, Rodolphe Testa, Bernard Moyen,

Publish Date: 2009/10/14
Volume: 18, Issue:2, Pages: 161-166
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Opto-electronic cinematic analysis has already proven useful in the investigation of patients with a knee replacement; however, neither patellar tracking nor the various positional parameters relevant to instability such as patellar tilt and/or patellar shift have ever been specifically evaluated using this type of system. The aim of this research was to validate the relevance of this type of cinematic analysis in order to use it in the evaluation of the main factors underlying patellar instability. Six fresh-frozen anatomical specimens were studied. The data were acquired using the Motion Analysis® system. Statistical analysis reveals a good reproducibility of measurements. Our protocol based on an opto-electronic acquisition system has an accuracy of 0.23 mm for shift and of 0.4° for rotation, which is calculated by integrating the various experimental parameters and instrumental features specific to the Motion Analysis® system. The results are consistent with published results which further attests to the validity and the efficacy of the protocol and encourages us that this protocol is suitable for the in vitro study of patellar kinematics.



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