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The use of laryngeal mask airway for surgical tracheotomy in a neonate with Pierre Robin syndrome: a case report

Authors: S. Geze, B. Cekic, H. Ulusoy, E. Erturk,

Publish Date: 2010/10/08
Volume: 180, Issue:1, Pages: 297-298
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I would like to present the case of an 18-day-old girl, weighing 3.9 kg, with Pierre Robin Syndrome (PRS) presented for tracheotomy due to respiratory failure associated with upper airway obstruction and pneumonia. She had a history of snoring and upper airway obstruction. Physical findings included micrognathia and glossoptosis associated with cleft palate. Echocardiography revealed left ventricular hypertrophy, though other routine investigations were normal. The patient was monitored in the intensive care unit with noninvasive mechanical ventilation, but with increasing respiratory insufficiency and the onset of pneumonia tracheotomy was planned with the aim of establishing a permanent airway to support mechanical ventilation.



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