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Abbravation: Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research

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Post-Discharge Services and Psychiatric Rehospitalization Among Children and Youth

Authors: Sigrid James, Sherma J. Charlemagne, Amanda B. Gilman, Qais Alemi, Rhoda L. Smith, Priya R. Tharayil, Kimberly Freeman,

Publish Date: 2010/01/09
Volume: 37, Issue:5, Pages: 433-445
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This study examined risk and determinants of rehospitalization of children and adolescents (n = 186) following a first psychiatric hospitalization. It specifically examined the role of post-discharge services. Data were collected for a 30-month follow-up period through structured telephone interviews with caregivers and case record abstractions. 43% of youth experienced readmissions during the follow-up period. Risk of rehospitalization was highest during the first 30 days following discharge and remained elevated for 3 months. 72% of youth received 284 post-discharge services during the follow-up period, which significantly reduced the risk of rehospitalization. Longer first hospitalizations and a higher risk score at admission increased risk.This study was supported by The Silberman Faculty Grant Program (PI: S. James) and in part by NIMH Grant K01 MH077732-01A1 I (PI: S. James). Preliminary findings of this study were presented at the 13th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, New Orleans, LA, January 16, 2009 under the title “Predicting and preventing the risk of psychiatric rehospitalization among children and adolescents.”



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