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Investing in Others: Prosocial Spending for (Pro)Social Change

Authors: Lara B. Aknin, Gillian M. Sandstrom, Elizabeth W. Dunn, Michael I. Norton,

Publish Date: 2011
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 219-234
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In this chapter we explore whether prosocial spending – spending money on others – can have postive outcomes for spenders, recipients, and the broader community. We begin by briefly summarizing the literature on the relationship between money and happiness. Next, we review our research on the benefits of prosocial spending for happiness, along with other components of well–being. we present our findings at four levels, starting first with the consequences of prosocial spending for individuls, and then extending this discussion outward to dyads, and organizations. Finally, we offer several practical strategies for utilizing the lessons our research.



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