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Interactions with water of mixed acetic-fatty cellulose esters

Authors: J. Peydecastaing, C. Vaca-Garcia, E. Borredon,

Publish Date: 2011/04/11
Volume: 18, Issue:4, Pages: 1023-1031
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Cellulose powder was acylated with mixtures containing acetic, fatty and acetic-fatty anhydrides to form acetic-fatty cellulose esters. The total degree of substitution (DS) of the mixed cellulose esters (MCE) ranged from 2 × 10−2 to 2.92. MCE were characterized by their interactions with water. Static contact angles with water were measured on a regular smooth surface. The values found were dependent on the fatty acyl content and independent of the acetyl content. In the case of acetic-oleic cellulose esters, the minimum DS of the oleoyl moiety required to obtain permanent water repellency was 3 × 10−4. The microporosity of the samples may account for this exceptional hydrophobic character. Nevertheless, water vapor adsorption measurements on powder samples revealed only a limited increase in hydrophobicity of the MCE compared to cellulose acetate with the same acetyl content. It was thus demonstrated that water repellency and vapor water adsorption are not correlated.



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