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Selection of a method of detoxification of oil-containing soils

Authors: R. Sh. Sufiyanov, A. V. Katalymov, O. A. Sinyakov,

Publish Date: 2011/09/27
Volume: 47, Issue:5-6, Pages: 404-
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Based on the analytical hierarchic procedure developed by Saati, an evaluation has been made of the methods of detoxification (alternatives) of oil-containing soils (OCS), making a comparison of the weights of criteria in the absence of comprehensive information, to justify the selection of the most efficient and economically suitable method of detoxification of oil-containing soils. It turned out that the most efficient method of detoxification of oil-containing soils is chemical method, provided the hydrocarbons are extracted from them beforehand. Experiments have been conducted to determine the influence of oil hydrocarbons on the degree of extraction: amount of oil products, solvent/OCS ratio, process temperature, etc.



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