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A rapid method for investigating the absorption of formaldehyde from air by wool

Authors: S. F. Curling, C. Loxton, G. A. Ormondroyd,

Publish Date: 2011/12/08
Volume: 47, Issue:7, Pages: 3248-3251
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Formaldehyde emitted from household products, such as furniture produced with medium density fibreboards, has been reported as causing health concerns in both domestic and business environments, these concerns being generally known as ‘sick building syndrome’. A number of differing approaches to removing formaldehyde from the atmosphere have been investigated. It is known that formaldehyde binds to wool fibres when the formaldehyde is in the liquid phase. However, few investigations into the sorption potential of wool for vapour phase formaldehyde have been made. This article details a rapid, novel method to directly measure the uptake of formaldehyde by wool and by inference, other materials. The data detailed in this article also demonstrates the significant ability of wool to sorb formaldehyde in the vapour state.



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