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Title of Journal: Int. J. Precis. Eng. Manuf.

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Abbravation: International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing

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Korean Society for Precision Engineering

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Valveless piezoelectric micropump of parallel double chambers

Authors: Li Guo, Weiping Yan, Yinghua Xu, Yiru Chen,

Publish Date: 2012/05/04
Volume: 13, Issue:5, Pages: 771-776
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The driving performance of the piezoelectric actuator was simulated by ANSYS software, and the relationship between structure parameters and center displacement/frequency of piezoelectric actuator were obtained. The nozzle/diffuser pipes’ structure parameters were optimized according to the results of ANSYS numerical simulation, and flow characteristic parameters such as flow rate and pressure distribution in the pipe were researched. The chamber was manufactured on glass, and nozzle/diffuser pipes were fabricated on 〈100〉 silicon by selective-wet etch using MEMS technology. These two components were glued with piezoelectric actuator together to form micropumps with single chamber and micropumps with parallel double chambers. The flow rates of micropumps in different conditions were measured by test system. Finally, a comparison between the test results of micropump with double chambers and that of the single chamber micropump is given.



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