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Incompatibility of Standard Completeness and Quantum Mechanics

Authors: Carsten Held,

Publish Date: 2012/05/10
Volume: 51, Issue:9, Pages: 2974-2984
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The completeness of quantum mechanics (QM) is generally interpreted to be or entail the following conditional statement (called standard completeness (SC)): If a QM system S is in a pure non-eigenstate of observable A, then S does not have value a k of A at t (where a k is any eigenvalue of A). QM itself can be assumed to contain two elements: (i) a formula generating probabilities; (ii) Hamiltonians that can be time-dependent due to a time-dependent external potential. It is shown that, given (i) and (ii), QM and SC are incompatible. Hence, SC is not the appropriate interpretation of the completeness of QM.



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