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Estuarine Foraminifera from the Gulf of Cambay

Authors: Anupam Ghosh,

Publish Date: 2012/07/26
Volume: 80, Issue:1, Pages: 65-74
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A low diversity, epifaunal to infaunal Foraminiferal assemblage widely distributed in sand flats, mud flats and marshes along the coastal tracts of the Gulf of Cambay. It is dominated by the species of Ammonia, Rotalidium, Murrayinella, Haynesina, Quinqueloculina, Nonionella, Florilus, Elphidium, Trochammina and Miliammina. A triserial planktonic foraminifer Gallitellia vivans, an indicator of stressed and upwelling areas, is also characteristically present in the sediments of the estuaries. The paper discusses the systematics and distribution of the Foraminiferal species in the macrotidal estuaries of the Gulf of Cambay.



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