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A generalized skew two-piece skew-elliptical distribution

Authors: Mahdi Salehi, Ahad Jamalizadeh, Mahdi Doostparast,

Publish Date: 2012/11/10
Volume: 55, Issue:2, Pages: 409-429
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We present a new generalized family of skew two-piece skew-elliptical (GSTPSE) models and derive some its statistical properties. It is shown that the new family of distribution may be written as a mixture of generalized skew elliptical distributions. Also, a new representation theorem for a special case of GSTPSE-distribution is given. Next, we will focus on t kernel density and prove that it is a scale mixture of the generalized skew two-piece skew normal distributions. An explicit expression for the central moments as well as a recurrence relations for its cumulative distribution function and density are obtained. Since, this special case is a uni-/bimodal distribution, a sufficient condition for each cases is given. A real data set on heights of Australian females athletes is analysed. Finally, some concluding remarks and open problems are discussed.



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