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Abbravation: Medical Toxicology and Adverse Drug Experience

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Management of Dapsone Poisoning Complicated by Methaemoglobinaemia

Authors: A. H. Dawson, I. M. Whyte,

Publish Date: 2012/11/27
Volume: 4, Issue:5, Pages: 387-392
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The currently recommended dosage regimen for méthylène blue (intermittent bolus dose) in the treatment of methaemoglobinaemia caused by dapsone is often inadequate. This is due to the long half-life of dapsone which provides a continuing oxidative stress that can cause a recurrence of clinically significant methaemoglobinaemia. Methylene blue infusion is effective, as demonstrated in an illustrative case report, and should be supported by repeated doses of activated charcoal to enhance dapsone elimination. The principles of treatment of methaemoglobinaemia due to dapsone can be applied to methaemoglobinaemia due to any agent producing prolonged oxidative stress.



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