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Investigation of nanostructured silicon as a candidate for heat sensitive material

Authors: Jing Jiang, Shibin Li, Zhanfei Xiao, Yuanjie Su, Zhiming Wu, Yadong Jiang,

Publish Date: 2012/12/07
Volume: 24, Issue:6, Pages: 1770-1774
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Nanoscale pores are fabricated on the surface of silicon by simple metal-assisted etching process. The resistance of nanostructured silicon depends obviously on temperature. The temperature coefficient of resistance is −2.835 %/°C, which is as large as that of some heat sensitive materials, for instance vanadium oxide, amorphous silicon, used for uncooled infrared (IR) detectors. Considering with the enhanced near-IR absorption of nanostructured silicon, it is demonstrated that nanostructured silicon can be a promising heat sensitive material for uncooled IR detection. The sheet carrier concentration is slightly reduced, whereas carrier mobility is drastically decreased from 367.5 to 273.7 cm2 V−1 s−1 after nanostructuring process.



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