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Telomerase Activity Increased and Telomere Length Shortened in Peripheral Blood Cells from Patients with Immune Thrombocytopenia

Authors: Aiping Qi, Hu Zhou, Zeping Zhou, Xin Huang, Li Ma, Hongmei Wang, Yanhui Yang, Donglei Zhang, Huyuan Li, Ruimin Ren, Renchi Yang,

Publish Date: 2012/12/14
Volume: 33, Issue:3, Pages: 577-585
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A total of 237 ITP patients, 20 SLE patients and 200 age-and sex-matched healthy controls were included in this study. CD4+, CD8+ and CD19+ lymphocytes were purified by magnetic beads sorting from peripheral blood of 37 active chronic ITP patients and 22 age-and sex-matched healthy controls. Telomerase activity was assayed by Telo TTAGGG Telomerase PCR ELISA KIT. The relative telomere length of peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) was measured by a quantitative polymerase chain reaction-based method (Q-PCR) from 200 ITP patients and 178 age-and sex-matched healthy controls.Telomerase activity was increased in CD4+, CD8+ and CD19+ lymphocytes from ITP patients compared to those from healthy controls (p = 0.000). The level of telomerase activity in CD19+ lymphocyte was higher than those in CD4+ and CD8+ lymphocytes. Telomerase activity of CD19+ lymphocytes had a modest negative correlation with platelet count in ITP patients (p = 0.042). The relative telomere length of PBMC in ITP patients was significantly shorter than that in the healthy controls (p = 0.002). Telomere length of PBMC in active ITP patients was significantly shorter than that in the controls (p = 0.000) and a tendency to be shorter even in inactive ITP patients (p = 0.065). Moreover, the telomere length in refractory and non-refractory ITP patients were both significantly shorter than that in the controls (p = 0.025; p = 0.000). However no significant difference in telomere length of PBMC was found between refractory ITP patients and non-refractory ITP patients (p = 0.234).This work was supported in part by grants of National Natural Science Foundation of China (81070397, 81170474), Ministry of Science and Technology (2011ZX09302-007-04), Ministry of Health (201202017) and Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission (09JCYBJC10900, 10JCZDJC19700). The authors would like to thank Prof. Man-Chiu Poon (University of Calgary, Canada) for critical review of the manuscript.



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