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Title of Journal: Earthq. Eng. Eng. Vib.

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Abbravation: Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration

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Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration

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Scattering of SH waves induced by a symmetrical V-shaped canyon: a unified analytical solution

Authors: Ning Zhang, Yufeng Gao, Dayong Li, Yongxin Wu, Fei Zhang,

Publish Date: 2012/12/19
Volume: 11, Issue:4, Pages: 445-460
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This paper reports a series solution of wave functions for two-dimensional scattering and diffraction of plane SH waves induced by a symmetrical V-shaped canyon with different shape ratios. A half-space with a symmetrical V-shaped canyon is divided into two sub-regions by using a circular-arc auxiliary boundary. The two sub-regions are represented by global and local cylindrical coordinate systems, respectively. In each coordinate system, the wave field satisfying the Helmholtz equation is represented by the separation of variables method, in terms of the series of both Bessel functions and Hankel functions with unknown complex coefficients. Then, the two wave fields are described in the local coordinate system using the Graf addition theorem. Finally, the unknown coefficients are sought by satisfying the continuity conditions of the auxiliary boundary. To consider the phase characteristics of the wave scattering, a parametric analysis is carried out in the time domain by assuming an incident signal of the Ricker type. Surface and subsurface transient responses demonstrate the characteristics and mechanisms of wave propagating and scattering.



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