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Ivabradine in Heart Failure

Authors: Prakash C. Deedwania,

Publish Date: 2012/12/29
Volume: 12, Issue:6, Pages: 357-359
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During the past two decades considerable progress has been made in understanding the pathophysiology of heart failure (HF) and subsequent development of several therapeutic agents primarily based on the neurohormonal blockade with renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) blocking agents (e.g., angiotension-converting enzyme inhibitors [ACEIs], angiotensin II receptor blockers [ARBs], and aldosterone receptor blockers) and β-blockers.[1] Although these drugs are highly effective in reducing the morbidity and mortality in HF, there is considerable residual risk that remains despite appropriate use of these agents. Ivabradine, which is a specific heart rate (HR)-lowering agent that acts by inhibiting funny channels (If), a key ‘pacemaker’ current in the sino-atrial node, has recently been shown to be effective in the treatment of patients already receiving guideline-based therapy with RAAS blocking agents and β-blockers bringing new hope of further reducing the residual risk of...



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