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Angle-tuned second-harmonic generation in periodically-poled lithium niobate

Authors: B.-J. Kim, H.-J. Choi, M. Cha,

Publish Date: 2012/03/21
Volume: 107, Issue:2, Pages: 349-353
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We investigated angular tuning of quasi-phase-matching (QPM) second-harmonic generation (SHG), in order to extend the tunable range of QPM and to combine the advantages of QPM and birefringence phase-matching. The direction of the input fundamental wave vector was detuned from the QPM grating vector along the crystallographic Z-axis of a periodically-poled lithium niobate (PPLN) crystal in the XY- and XZ-planes. A larger tuning range of SHG was obtained for the detuning in the XZ-plane, continuously shifting the QPM peak of the fundamental wavelength from 1524 to 1595 nm by changing the detuning angle from 0° (parallel to X-axis as conventional QPM) to 23.2°.



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