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Gaze Control-Based Navigation Architecture for Humanoid Robots in a Dynamic Environment

Authors: Jeong-Ki Yoo, Jong-Hwan Kim,

Publish Date: 2013
Volume: , Issue:, Pages: 243-252
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Due to the limited information from the environment using a local vision sensor, gaze control research is very important for humanoid robots. In addition, multiple objectives for navigation have interactive relationships among them. From this point of view, this paper proposes a gaze control-based navigation architecture using fuzzy integral and fuzzy measure for humanoid robots. Four criteria are employed along with their partial evaluation functions in order to determine the final gaze direction. By employing fuzzy integral approach for the global evaluation for candidate gaze directions, effective gaze control considering the interactive phenomena among criteria is accomplished and verified through a simulation using a developed simulator for HanSaRam-IX (HSR-IX).



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