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Effect of strain on human dermal fibroblasts in a three-dimensional collagen sponge

Authors: Masao Hara, Takahiro Fujii, Ron Hashizume, Yoshihiro Nomura,

Publish Date: 2013/10/06
Volume: 66, Issue:5, Pages: 723-728
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Our aim was to design a simple compression system and investigate the influence of mechanical stress on skin-like structures. Many mechanical compression studies have employed intricate culture systems, so the relationship between extracellular matrix material and the response of skin cells to mechanical stress remains unknown. Our approach uses only glass vials, 6-well plates and standard laboratory equipment. We examined the influence of mechanical stress on human skin fibroblasts embedded within a collagen sponge. The results show that mechanical compression increases MMP-1 and MMP-2 release by the cells into the the cell culture. Our results suggest that pressure on the skin may affect extracellular matrix degradation through some as yet unidentified pathways and that IL-6 mRNA expression may be involved in this effect. Using our approach, the effects of static mechanical stress on protein expression by cells in the culture medium and in sponges can be easily examined, and therefore this system will be useful for further analyses of skin responses to mechanical stress.



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